• Bumble and bumble has been on the fringe of the beauty scene since the late 70’s, when they first launched in New York City. A pioneer in the art of hair, the brand has since thrived and fostered a vibrant, progressive culture of creative interchange, maintaining their fresh and evolving translation of groundbreaking techniques and products.

    From the labyrinth of innovative products to the expert Bumble and bumble stylists, the runway continues to serve as inspiration for their celebrated, fashion-forward line of products, which are created and tested in their laboratories and coveted worldwide.

    The mantra of Bumble and bumble revolves around change and modernity. Today, they continue to style outside the box, rejecting hair shows, revering hair heroes, cultivating creativity, and fostering disciplined rebellion. They are deeply, passionately, and fearlessly devoted to the craft of hairstyling- and it shows.

    Don’t let your hair suffer from the winter blues. Tap into your inner beach bum with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. It’s like a summer beach day in a bottle. Excellent for wavy types, this ocean-like spray adds wavy body to fine hair for that sexy, salty, windswept hair nostalgic of sun and sand.

    Frizz is no one’s friend but Bumble and bumble defrizz can be your BFF. It lives up to its name, protecting against frizz and acting as a barrier to humidity, leaving hair soft, silky smooth and flyaway-free.

    *Bumble and bumble is excluded from storewide sales.