• Breaking through myths of hair and body care everywhere, Louise Galvin Sacred Locks hair and body care products are some of the most indulgent and invigorating products on the market today. Believing that one shouldn't have to compromise beautiful hair for the environment or vice versa, Louise Galvin Sacred Locks has become a cut above the rest. Founder and namesake, Louise Galvin began her career in the industry as a professional colorist in her father, Daniel Galvin's, salon. Boasting a celebrity clientele and in depth knowledge of what it takes to achieve a healthy head of hair, Galvin created Louise Galvin Sacred Locks to make it possible for everyone with all hair types to do so.

    Using some of the most softening and hydrating ingredients in it's formulas, Louise Galvin Sacred Locks has created entirely unique moisturizing hair and body care washes and treatments. Enriching Soy, Wheat, and Corn Proteins make up the core of such products as the popular Mother to be Shampoo and Conditioner. Also featured is Ximensia Oil, a prominent ingredient found in the savannahs of Africa to hydrate, soothe, and protect delicate hair without the use of harsh chemicals.

    Louise Galvin Sacred Locks is committed to the goals of The Carbon Neutral Company. Carbon Dioxide emissions are one of the leading contributers to global warning, so Louise Galvin Sacred Locks uses this program to help neutralize it's carbon dioxide output and choose effective alternatives to minimize it's impact on the environment in its hour of need.